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TweetCoder is a software application for the human coding of Twitter data.

TweetCoder was designed with the following features in mind:

  • Customizability to the kind of coding that needs to be done. TweetCoder implements a very simple, but powerful configuration system that allows the researcher designing the coding experiment to specify their coding interface in a couple short lines of text.
  • Interface that human coders can quickly learn. The TweetCoder interface is extremely simple and presents the coder with everything they need in one window. This makes it possible for individuals to quickly learn the interface, regardless of computer experience.
  • Interface that allows human coders to code data very quickly. TweetCoder provides a simple system for specifying keyboard shortcuts that, in controlled studies, increased coder speed by an average of 31%. This means that human coding can be done more quickly and that more data can be coded in less time.

If you’re running a project in which you or people working with you are coding tweets manually, then you should consider using TweetCoder to make the process easier and more streamlined.


If you do use TweetCoder in published work, please cite the TweetCoder paper. The paper is currently under review. The citation will be posted once this information is available.



Current downloads are for version 1.0.