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“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”
~ Daniel K. Moran

Good data is central to building useful models.  Because our group focuses on building computational models of real-world systems, we depend on having data.  Here we share datasets that we have found, collected, or generated.

Social Data

N-gram Lists

N-gram lists are available from both Google and Microsoft.

Visit the Microsoft webpage to access specific data sets

Visit the Google webpage to access specific data sets

Social Network of Marketing Scholars

This source provides the collaboration network for marketing scholars, spanning the years 1973-2009.

Visit the webpage to access specific data sets

Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection

The Stanford large network dataset collection is an excellent source of network data generated by a variety of social phenomena including friendship networks, blogs, and road systems.

Visit the webpage to access specific data sets

Network of Notre Dame University Websites

Often referred to as the WWW dataset in publications, this data has been used in a variety of publications since it was first introduced in 1999 in the seminal paper entitled Diameter of the World Wide Web by Réka Albert, Hawoong Jeong, and Albert-László Barabási.

Download the Readme and the dataset

Political Data

FEC Election Contributions

We have been recently working on the election contribution dataset published by the Federal Election Committee. The raw text files published by the FEC have been converted into an MySQL database. This dataset will be available soon.

Download coming soon

Supreme Court Citation Network

The Supreme Court Citation Network dataset, assembled by James Fowler and Sangick Jeon provides a comprehensive and quantitative picture of citation patterns among Supreme Court documents.

Visit the website to access the dataset

Biological Data

EGFR Network Connectivity

The EGFR network used in our paper entitled “The Signaling Petri Net-based Simulator” was carefully curated by Prof. Prahlad Ram’s group. The file is currently available in the .EWE format.

Download EGFR Network