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Present :

Derek Ruths

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Derek believes in the potential for computation and data analysis to support responsible, evidence-based decision making. This guides his professional work in teaching, research, entrepreneurship, and outreach. In his spare time, he does adventure races, plays board games, and assists his three LEGO master builders at home – Sonya, Leena, and Arjun.

Edward Newell


Edward has a diverse science and engineering background, holding degrees in biochemistry and chemical engineering, and presently working toward a PhD in computer science. He has worked in the software startup space, as well as the energy sector. At Iogen Corporation’s pilot plant, he helped improve process reliability for a cellulosic (non-food) ethanol fuel production process. His research interests are in natural language processing, computational discourse analysis, and social media analytics.

Haji Mohammad Saleem


Saleem did his Masters from McGill and presently working towards his PhD. His current research involves detecting dangerous/hate speech generated by users of social media.



Deven Parekh


Deven completed his Masters at the Network Dynamics Lab and is presently working towards his PhD. His current research involves misinformation, fake news, and political fact-checking.







Caitrin Armstrong


Caitrin completed her BA&Sc in Cognitive Science in May 2016. Her involvement in the network dynamics lab over the last two years has been influential in her decision to migrate from her initial involvement in psychology and linguistics towards an enthusiasm for the use of computer science tools to study large scale human behaviour. She is especially interested in the study of knowledge transfer within groups. Outside of the lab, she loves skiing, martial arts, climbing, and reading quirky novels.

Sunyam 150x200

Sunyam Bagga


Sunyam completed his B.Tech (in Computer Engineering) from Delhi College of Engineering in May, 2017. He is now in his second year of Master’s in Computer Science at McGill. His research interests involve applying machine learning and natural language processing techniques to study culture and human behaviour. Some of his ongoing projects include: detecting social bots on Twitter, classifying historical text from the Eighteenth Century, and studying political polarisation on Reddit. When he is not doing his research, he is busy playing tennis and poker (which is a sport; not gambling).


Oleg Zhilin


Oleg completed his B.Eng. in Software Engineering in May 2018 and has worked as a consultant in the insurance industry for a number of years. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science and is interested in the modelling and understanding of online trends and human interactions. His free time is largely spent rock climbing, playing tennis, experimenting with cocktail recipes and coming up with new portmanteaus.


Jana 150x200

Jana Kurrek


Jana is in her third year at McGill University, studying Math and Computer Science. Her research is on abusive language detection, with a focus on context-aware systems. In her spare time, she enjoys visual art and philosophy.


Liam Chung


Liam is currently an undergraduate at McGill, in the Joint Honours Mathematics and Computer Science program. He is interested in the power of abstraction as a tool to apply powerful results in unlikely places, and is researching controllability of complex systems in the lab. Outside of school, he enjoys both fantasy and science fiction books, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and following hip-hop.








Meghan 150x200_

Meghan Keenan


Meghan graduated with a BA in Psychology & International Development in December 2017. She is currently coordinating the Network Dynamics Lab, the Centre for Social & Cultural Data Science, and working as the Operations Manager for Charitable Analytics International. In her spare time, Meghan likes to run different routes through Montréal. 

Past Lab Members

  • Matthew Gittings (MSc 2016-2018), Software Engineer @ Amazon
  • Koustuv Sinha (MSc 2016-2018), PhD @ Mila, McGill
  • Ariane Schang (BSc 2016-2017), Data & Digital Organizer
  • David Jurgens (2014-15), Postdoctoral Scholar @ Stanford
  • Stefan Dimitrov (MS 2016)
  • Hardik Vala (MS 2016) Developer @ Apple
  • Jad Sassine, Research Assistant, PhD @ MIT
  • Faiyaz Al Zamal (PhD 2015), Financial Data Scientist @ Morgan Stanley
  • Guy Lifshitz (MS 2014), Data Scientist @ Silentale
  • Syed Ahmed (MS 2014), Developer @ CloudOps
  • Raviv Cohen (MS 2013), Security Consultant @ iSec
  • Michael Misiewicz (MS 2013), Data Scientist @ AppNexus
  • Mathieu Perreault (MS 2012), Software Developer @ Google
  • Cara Vitali, Communications
  • Tyler Finethy, Computer Science
  • Morgane Ciot, Computer Science
  • James Mccorriston, Systems Analyst @ Quantopian
  • Vasu Nadella, Co-founder and CEO of Macromeasures
  • Wendy Liu, Co-founder and CTO of Macromeasures
  • Ben Deverett, MD-PhD program @ Rutgers University
  • Angela King, (received a Summer 2010 NSERC Fellowship) graduate school @ MIT
  • Ionut Georgian Ciobanu, Computer Science @ Co-founder of LindenHoney