derek ruths || network dynamics

Discourse and Behavior Reading Group

Fridays 11:00-12:00PM, TR-3130

Organizer: Haji Mohammad Saleem

The aim of this reading group is to discuss topics related to large-scale discourse and human behavior. The current setup of the reading group revolves around weekly themes. These themes can be suggested by the members of the group and the setup roughly translates to 4 papers a theme.

Date Theme Moderator Paper
Feb 10 Rumor Saleem Friggeri, A., Adamic, L. A., Eckles, D., & Cheng, J.
Rumor Cascades . ICWSM 2014. [pdf]
Feb 17 Rumor Ariane Maddock, J., Starbird, K., Al-Hassani, H. J., Sandoval, D. E., Orand, M., & Mason, R. M.
Characterizing online rumoring behavior using multi-dimensional signatures. CSCW 2015. [pdf]
Feb 24 Rumor Caitrin Oh, O., Kwon, K. H., & Rao, H. R.
An Exploration of Social Media in Extreme Events: Rumor Theory and Twitter during the Haiti Earthquake 2010.. ICIS 2010. [pdf]
March 3 Reading Week
March 10 Rumor Koustuv Kumar, S., West, R., & Leskovec, J.
Disinformation on the web: Impact, characteristics, and detection of wikipedia hoaxes. WWW 2016. [pdf]
March 24 Collective Knowledge Caitrin Faraj, S., Jarvenpaa, S. L., & Majchrzak, A.
Knowledge collaboration in online communities. Organization Science. [pdf]
March 31 Collective Knowledge Saleem Dankulov, M. M., Melnik, R., & Tadić, B.
The dynamics of meaningful social interactions and the emergence of collective knowledge Nature Article. [pdf]
April 21 Collective Knowledge Caitrin Krafft, P. M., Zheng, J., Pan, W., Della Penna, N., Altshuler, Y., Shmueli, E., & Pentland, A.
Human collective intelligence as distributed Bayesian inference arXiv preprint. [pdf]
April 28 Collective Knowledge Koustuv Liddell, T. M., & DeDeo, S.
Common knowledge on networks arXiv preprint. [pdf]
May 5 Methods Saleem We don’t have a specific paper to go over but I would like to discuss the general methods that we use in our research. Some of the discussion would pertain to this paper that covers methodological pitfalls. [pdf]
Summer Reading
Book 1 The Research Imagination: An introduction to qualitative and quantitative methods. [pdf]
June 2 Book 1 Saleem Chapter 2, 3, 4, 5
June 9 Book 1 Edward Chapter 6, 7
June 16 Book 1 Koustuv Chapter 8, 9
June 23 Book 1 Derek Chapter 10, 11
July 7 Book 1 Caitrin Chapter 12, 13, 14
July 14 Book 1 Saleem Chapter 15, 16
July 21 Book 1 Edward Chapter 17, 18, 19
Book 2 Serious Stats (Book pdf posted on Basecamp)
Sept 22 Book 2 Saleem Chapter 1, 2: Data, samples and statistics; Probability distributions
Sept 29 Book 2 Koustuv Chapter 3: Confidence intervals
Oct 6 Book 2 Deven Chapter 4: Significance tests
Oct 13 Book 2 Derek Chapter 5: Regression
Oct 20 Book 2 Caitrin Chapter 6: Correlation and covariance
Oct 27 Book 2 Matt Chapter 7: Effect size
Nov 3 Book 2 Edward Chapter 8: Statistical power