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Conducing network analysis without a cluster

For all the wonderful things we hear about how compute clusters enable the analysis of massive datasets, the sad truth is that few researchers can use them to analyze large network datasets. This is due both practical and theoretical issues. From a practical perspective, clusters are expensive, their administration requires non-trivial time and technical knowledge, [...]

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Workshop teaches street fighting with Python

This past Thursday Mathieu Perreault and Derek held a Python workshop entitled Street Fighting with Python. The workshop material demonstrated how in situations where you have few other resources at hand (such as in a street fight), Python is a versatile and powerful tool. Mathieu and Derek showcased a number of libraries that ship with [...]

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Workshop brings together McGill and Toronto researchers

On May 13th the bioinformatics and systems biology communities from McGill and the University of Toronto met for a day of talks, posters, and discussions. This was the first time the two communities, both well-known research centers, had ever come together to explore areas of mutual interest and opportunities for future collaboration. The workshop is [...]

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McGill Python Workshop #1: Why Python is Awesome

On Wednesday March 23rd, our lab hosted the first in a series of workshops introducing and exploring the power and ease of the Python programming language. Organized by Professor Derek Ruths and Mathieu Perreault, the workshop attracted more than 80 attendees, most of them students from McGill University. The purpose of this first Python workshop [...]

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TEDxMcGill: Spoons, Cancer, and Civilization

This past Saturday, I had the amazing opportunity to speak at TEDxMcGill 2010. Much like the now-famous TED talks, this event was organized around an afternoon of 10-18 minute talks delving into “ideas worth spreading.” In my talk, I discussed what spoons, cancer cells, Ancient Roman roads, and online social networks all share in common: [...]

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Our research in under 3 minutes

Three minutes flies by pretty quickly – particularly when you’re trying to capture the essence of your research in that amount of time. This is exactly the format used by Soup and Science, an event here at McGill where professors have exactly three minutes to give an overview of their research to a group of [...]

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